Confidence through situational awareness


Storytelling workshops are an effective way to build trust among the team members and increase speaking skills at the same time

 This workshop revives the almost forgotten tradition of storytelling. Telling your story without the burden of roles, techniques or façades to a circle of attentive listeners may take some courage, but it is fun too. Both telling a story and listening to it creates depth, insight, genuine contact and is energising in the process. A good yarn touches the soul, where your real truth may be hiding, but where your own power is concealed as well. 

Storytelling puts this resource back to life and as such presents us with this wonderful opportunity to (re)gain full responsibility for our lives. Within the safe and receptive framework of the workshop that includes a thematic approach, rituals of telling and listening, reflection and feedback, you will gradually restore both your inner dialogue and make contact with the others in the group. 

The serendipity* of storytelling

Telling a story to a group of attentive listeners can be both daunting and rewarding, especially when the experience is new. Stories are everywhere around us and within us and active storytelling tunes in to these stories that are waiting to be discovered and want to be brought back to life. So how does it work and can you join in?

This process of free association unlocks a creative flow that may look like a room of mirrors, each one reflecting its own story potential. The next step is to put this potential story to use, to make it alive by telling it. It may sound simple and basically it could be that easy........, were it not for those listeners paying attention to what you are going to tell......!

For the last five years I have organized storytelling workshops that focus on the very aspect that we all seem to long for: experiencing genuine connection with ourselves and our listeners through telling our own stories and listening to other stories. The courses focus on telling the story, not on technique, plot or words, during the workshop you will create an experience that uses serendipity as its inspiration. 

Serendipity uses free mind roaming, association and creative thinking as its connecting powers to create stories on the spot. In other words, we learn to create stories as we tell them.

It is that daunting aspect that most potential storytellers shrink back from: F.E.A.R (False Evidence Accepted as Real). So paradoxically, this is actually where the storytelling workshops prove their effective use: the group activity, storytelling, is common ground and as such serves each anxious potential storyteller to increasingly shed his or her defensive walls and share their stories with the listeners. This latter experience is rewarding and mindshiftingly important in that participants will learn to express themselves with their guards down.

 Topics help us to focus on the genuine article. For example, in one first session the participants associated freely on "my name", which was the first topic of several themes. Using mind maps we associated freely on this topic. Try this one yourself. What springs to mind? It helps to visualize the different associations and in turn these associations will  connect to new ones and so on.  

This learning experience causes participants to literally communicate by sharing their stories and communicate effectively because they tapped into their own speaking powers, using a plentiful resource that had been in the dead ground, but which had been there all that time waiting to be exploited. 

*The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.